About Us

USDA Organic Farms is an Independent company that verifies USDA Organic Certified Farms for our online directory. All information used in this directory is accurate and verified with USDA.gov or an Approved USDA Certifying Agent. We follow all USDA government regulations and rules associated with the official USDA Organic Seal. Operating as an Independent company allows us to help the Certified USDA Organic Farms market their certification with promotion, advertising online, trade shows, magazines, and newspapers. These are things that are outside the government’s boundaries of operations.

Benefits include online marketing through all major search engines to find a certified USDA Organic Farms that grows a specific commodity in a specific region or state. Links to your  website and all contact info available to connect with buyers, shippers, wholesalers, packers, retail stores etc. Our information is updated daily and is the most accurate database available.

Once your certification is approved through the certifying agent you can list in the directory immediately. Currently USDA.gov only updates the Certified Operations once per year. We are not bound by time parameters or advertising for you.

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