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Tutorial on setting up your account if you need help!

Option 1: Fill out the registration box to the right. Once registration and payment is complete you will have access to login and set up your listing.

Option 2: You can call in to have your account set up over the phone and pay via creditcard.

Option 3: Call in or fill out the contact form with a request to be invoiced so you can make payment by check.

You must be an approved USDA Organic Grower/Farmer/Distributor/Packer with a USDA certificate number. All directory listings are subject to suspension/revoked licence by the USDA and will be reflected on this directory site. Your listing will remain up but will have a red flag and a red high lighted certificate number to notify the searcher until your license has been restored. All new listings must be verified before they will show up on live the site. Typically it’s a 24hr approval process.

Call or email us if you have any questions.

Ph. 913-710-1724

Listing Packages

1 Commodity listing for 1 year – $200 includes Search Engine Optimization 

3 Commodity listings for 1 year – $400 includes Search Engine Optimization

6 Commodity listings for 1 year – $600 includes Search Engine Optimization

12 Commodity listings for 1 year - $800 includes Search Engine Optimization

Processor/Handler/Repackager for 1 year – $200 includes Search Engine Optimization

Example: Listing under Apples, Corn, & Pears would be a 3 Commodity listing and would cost $400 for the year.


If you have a store front or a booth at a Farmers Market we will supply you with one of these as part of your listing. It will allow your potential customers the ability to verify that your Certified USDA Organic right there with their cell phone.


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